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House on the water. Everything only begins.

Do you have a dream to break away from city rush?
Are you tired from overcrowded streets and want solitude?
Do you need a fresh healthy breath?
Are you looking for…?
We know what are you looking for and are ready to suggest the most unusual, exciting decision of your problems!

Exotic with no house for usefulness

So, "house on the water" – what is this?
Everything is very simple – this is self-floating or nonself-floating vessel.

Not only experienced architects, but also engineers and shipbuilders work under its creation. It is stable on the water, having a considerable weight and has all the features of real vessel: self-floating, floodability.
The most advanced shipbuilding technologies are used. The foundation for your house is firm waterproof corps from shipbuilding concrete or metal. Our company will help you to choose any facade or interior - the creation of old frigate or galleon imitation, on the boarg of which you will feel yourself like a real "sea-dog". Do you want to change your environment? You house can be put out to sea and settled down in any place you wish. The only you have to do is to dial our phone number and point out the wishful place.

The comfort among water element.

Full complex of all the modern conveniences, plus professionally picked furniture and interior design, picturesque landscape will help you to relax and take a pleasure from a harmony of environment.During the winter period your leisure activity will be sauna bath.
If you a diving-lover or like winter fishing, we will install in your house ducking shaft. If you like you can spend there a winter boring day fishing, without worrying about cold.

Are you already interested?
Than we will have a small trip on the board of already built house on the water. If you interested – call, and this comfortable and cozy house can be your property.

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Amsterdam is a city like Venice founded on and still today focused around water and waterways.
However, unlike Venice, Holland's largest city is not only a museum piece.