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Growth of job opportunities abating


On 1 January 2009 the Amsterdam tourism sector had almost 37,100 major jobs (FTE, 12 hours or more per week) and about 12,400 minor jobs (PTE, fewer than 12 hours per week). For FTE’s this means that their quantity increased by 2% over the course of 2008, which is less than the job

PTE jobs (+5%). An increase can also be seen at transportation companies (a total of 196 jobs, +6%), but that is due primarily to PTE’s (122). At accommodation companies (hotels, B&Bs, campings) only the number of PTE’s is still increasing (147 jobs, +14%). Despite the increased hotel capacity, a number of FTE’s in this sector remained at the 2008 level.


Business market: a decrease of congress attendees


Just like the tourism market, the business traveler market and the congress market in Amsterdam that depends on these travelers is also feeling the pressure of the worldwide recession. In order to save costs, companies are trying to limit the business trip overnight stays of their personnel abroad. Association congresses are also seeing fewer participants and the number of large-scale international congresses in Amsterdam (300 participants or more) decreased from 120 in 2007 to 99 in 2008.8 The number of smaller congresses (minimally 50 participants) increased in 2008 to 89, seven more than in 2007.9 The business market in Amsterdam has responded more slowly to the worldwide economic changes than the recreational tourism market in the city and the national business market. Of the total number of bed nights in Amsterdam hotels, 40% were of a business nature (nationally 48%) in 2008. Compared to 2007 the number of business bed nights in Amsterdam decreased by 2%; nationally this was –6%. According to preliminary numbers for the first six months of 2009 the number of business bed nights in Amsterdam is decreasing faster (–14%) than the national figure (–10%). However, the top months for the congress sector are September and October.

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Amsterdam is a city like Venice founded on and still today focused around water and waterways.
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